Invisible aligner Chewies: Purpose, Precautions, How to Use Them

Invisalign Chewies: Purpose, precautions, How to use Them

Imagine the following:

You are now officially underway with your invisible aligner treatment. Your new aligners are handed to you by your orthodontic specialist.

They are eerily similar to how you imagined they would be.

You are subsequently presented with another item, which turns out to be a pack of little foam pool noodles.

Where did you get these?
These chewies for your invisible aligner treatment are the squishy tiny cylinders you see here.

What exactly are the invisible aligner chewies you ask?

The term “aligner tray seaters” is another name for clear aligner chewies. These are orthodontic accessories that, when used in conjunction with your invisible aligner treatment, may assist provide more desirable results. Styrene copolymer is the name of the plastic foam that is used to make Chewies. They are pretty short, although there are a few that are a little bit longer. The tubes are typically scented to match their hue, and the centers of the tubes are typically hollow.

For instance, the chewies that are pink have a flavor similar to bubblegum, the ones that are yellow smell like pineapple, the ones that are green taste like mint, and so on.

However, the unflavored and unscented white kind is also rather popular.

After you have placed your clear aligners in your mouth, you will need to chew on the chewies for a few seconds in order to use them.

When you are straightening your teeth, chewies might make the process go more quickly and be more comfortable for you.

Is the Use of the Aligner Tray Seaters Included in the Invisible Aligner Treatment?

Actually, the aligner tray seaters for invisible aligner are not a part of the invisible aligner treatment that you will receive. Although there are a variety of invisible aligner accessories, the range does not feature tray seaters as one of the options.

Chewies are produced by a different company than invisible aligner, so they are sold separately from both of those products.

If your orthodontist believes that chewies can improve the way that your aligner trays fit in your mouth, he or she may recommend them to you specifically. On the other hand, there are orthodontists that don’t think chewies are essential.

You have the option of either requesting that your orthodontist provide you with a sample of chewies to try or placing your own order for them.

When you are straightening your teeth, chewies might make the process go more quickly and be more comfortable for you.


Chewies for Invisible Aligner: How to Use Chewies?

The idea behind Chewies is straightforward, but there is a technique involved in making sure you don’t accidentally suffocate on these tiny foam tubes!


The following is a rundown of the fundamental steps to take:

  • Put the aligner trays on top of your freshly cleaned teeth.
  • Grab the tail end of a chewy candy between your thumb and forefinger to maintain a secure grip on it.
  • Bite down on the unattached end of the chewy, beginning with the back teeth on either side of your mouth (left or right).
  • Move the chewy to the opposite side of your mouth gradually while carefully biting down on it with your aligner trays until each tooth has had a turn. Continue this process until all of your teeth have been aligned.
  • Repeat the process until your aligners fit your teeth in a comfortable and secure manner.
  • After you have finished cleaning your chewy, place it in a secure location for storage, such as your clear aligner case.
  • You can recycle a chewy as many times as you like, but you should get a new one once the chewy has lost its original firmness.
  • Some people who wear transparent aligners and have tried chewies state that they are able to pop the chewy in their mouth and chew on it for a few seconds as if it is a piece of gum. Others, however, find that they cannot do this.

However, doing the task in this manner tends to leave a mess behind. If you were to put the entire chewy in your mouth, it might become soggy from the saliva that you produce. There is also the possibility that you could suffocate on a little chewy candy or swallow it.

Your best chance, therefore, is to keep the chewy between your fingers at all times while you are chewing onto it. This will ensure that it does not fall out of your mouth.

There is no predetermined amount of time that you are required to chew on your chewy for. You only need a few seconds to complete the task. It is difficult to chew too much, but if you notice that your teeth are starting to hurt as a result of your chewing, you don’t have to continue doing it.

Your orthodontist in the area will be able to instruct you on the most effective technique to utilise your chewies. When you first put in your aligners, he or she may also observe your technique and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Because Chewies are so small, light, and springy, it is nearly inevitable that you will drop some of them, and you may even end up losing some. Keep one or even two clean chewies with you at all times in the case that your aligners come in so that you will always have one with you each time you put your aligners in.


Just what are the advantages of using chewies with Invisible Aligner?

Why bother with chewies if they serve no purpose? They carry out three activities:


  • The use of aligner chewies will assist you in properly fitting your invisible aligner.If your aligners are not positioned correctly, they will not be able to shift your crooked teeth as effectively. Chewing on chewies for just a few seconds at a time can make your aligner fit more comfortably in your mouth.
  • Make Sure There Are No Air Gaps Between Your Teeth and the invisible aligner Trays

When the aligners are not fitted properly, there will be air gaps between the trays and your teeth. It’s possible that this will make some individuals feel uneasy. Using chewies to seat your trays and eliminate the gap between your teeth and aligners can be one way to alleviate some of the discomfort associated with invisible aligner treatment.

  • Dental chewies might speed up the process of straightening your teeth.

The process of chewing food is beneficial in and of itself for your teeth when you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. This helps to activate the tissues around your tooth roots, which prepares your teeth to respond more quickly to the pressure that is applied by your clear aligners.

When putting in a new, more restrictive invisible aligner for the first time, patients frequently experience some level of discomfort. Chewing on chewies can help your teeth adjust more rapidly to their new placements by providing them with stimulation. This will assist ease any discomfort you are experiencing and make the therapy go by more quickly.Clear aligners prevent you from chewing food or gum, so using chewies is the ideal method to get the benefits of chewing without risking damage to your invisible aligner trays. Chewies are available in the form of dental candies.

Why It’s Important to Consult with a Dentist for a Personalized Treatment Plan

It is important to note that while Aligner WiseComfort can be a great option for some individuals seeking orthodontic treatment, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It is highly recommended to consult with a professional dentist to obtain an individualized treatment plan that takes into account the unique aspects of your dental situation. While Aligner WiseComfort may be able to address certain issues, the end outcome may not be the same as that of traditional braces or other orthodontic treatments. By consulting with a professional dentist, you can gain a better understanding of all your options and make an informed decision about the best course of treatment for your smile.



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It is clear that benefits of invisible braces could help you to achieve your perfect smile with all the 9 advantages provided over traditional metal braces.

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FAQ for Invisalign Chewie

Aligner chewies are small cylindrical devices made of soft, pliable material. They are designed to help seat aligners firmly against the teeth, ensuring proper fit and maximum effectiveness.
To use aligner chewies, place the chewie between your teeth and bite down gently. Apply even pressure and move the chewie around your mouth, focusing on different areas where aligners may need additional seating.
It is recommended to use aligner chewies for a few minutes several times a day, especially after inserting new aligners or when experiencing discomfort or tightness.
Yes, aligner chewies are typically reusable. Rinse them with water after each use and store them in a clean, dry place.
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