Clear Aligners by Aligner WiseComfort

Correct the position of your teeth in the most comfortable & effortless way – with our customised Clear Aligner & Advance AI treatment system.

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What is Clear Aligner by Aligner WiseComfort?

Clear aligners aka invisible aligners or invisible braces.

It is a type of orthodontic treatment that is designed to help align your teeth with proper alignment or position.

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How Our Clear Aligners Works?

Compared with the conventional braces which use metal wire, bracket, and arch-wire to straighten teeth, our clear braces are near invisible and allow our customers to get a perfect smile during & after the treatment.
In the first few weeks of orthodontic treatment, our dental specialist will usually help you to replace a new set of braces every two weeks to move the teeth with low forces into the desired, straight position.
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Why Choose Us?

  • Nearly Invisible – No sacrifice is needed for a perfect smile on any occasion. Our invisible braces are top choices among Malaysian!
  • Easy to Remove & Wear – You remove the aligners to eat, drink, brush, and floss so there’s no need to struggle with metal braces, and be perfectly yourself for special occasions.
  • Comfortable – The aligner braces are made from smooth thermoplastic material without any metal so they will not cause mouth abrasions as traditional braces can.
  • Customized Based On Patients – We use advanced imaging technology to obtain a 3D image of your teeth while combining with industry-leading AI technology to create a custom plan to move your teeth into the perfect position.
  • Fewer visits for consultations – Since the start of treatments, our specialist tailor-made your entire plan digitally therefore, you are not required for a frequent visits even required is only a few minutes every session.
Benefits of Clear Aligners

Traditional Braces Vs Clear Aligners

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Learn about the detailed comparison of traditional metal braces vs Invisible Aligner.

Frequently Asked Questions For Clear Aligners

Our invisible braces from Aligner WiseComfort can help with improving your smile & straighten your teeth effortlessly. We will help you achieve the best possible smile using the latest technology of AI & professional dentists with custom-made invisible aligners.
No Doubts - Yes! Our Aligner WiseComfort's Invisible Braces are one of the best in the market that are ever invented vs Invisalign. They're made of BPA-free and medical-grade plastic so they're as non-reactive, hypoallergenic, and effective as possible.
Our clear aligner will give you the best smile you’ve been dreaming about! In addition, our invisible braces treatment system combines machine intelligence (AI) monitoring (AI) with professional orthodontic treatment to help you get that perfect smile. Ensuring you are hassle-free and convenient helps you gain confidence again with your perfect smile!


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