How To Wear & Remove Invisible Braces by AlignerWiseComfort

How To Wear Invisible Braces & Remove It by Alignerwisecomfort

How To Wear & Remove Invisible Braces

For all new customers & potential customers – here are our full guides on how to wear invisible braces & remove them by Aligner WiseComfort.

Let’s embark on the Get It Straight journey together.

Step 1: Know Which Invisible Braces To Wear

If you’re preparing to wear your aligners for the first time, make sure you grab the right pair,

  • Each aligner shall be worn for 10 days or above as recommended.
  • Usually for 20-22 hours per day, wearing throughout the day and night except during meals and beverages, or brushing and flossing teeth.

Step 2: Start with your front teeth and work your way to the back

Something to take note of, it is very normal for a new set of aligners to feel tight and need to use a little more pressure at first to push them into place.

  • Insert one aligner Either upper or lower at a time. DO NOT INSERT BOTH ALIGNERS TOGETHER.
  • You might experience some tightness and pressure upon aligner fits, which is necessary to move your teeth.

Step 3: Use Our Given Chewies!

  • Ensure the aligner fits snugly to your teeth. You are advised to bite on Aligner Chewies to seat aligner onto teeth every time during aligner insertion.

Don’t use your teeth to bite the aligners into place as this will cause aligner braces to crack – is something very important to take note of!

Whenever you wear your invisible braces, bite down on your chewies for about a minute.

Our chewies help to remove gaps between your aligners and teeth and make your aligners sit on your teeth properly.

This makes sure they’re effective & not cracked for long-term usage!

How To Remove Invisible Braces

We recommend using your fingertips on the inside of your molars to pull the aligner out as shown in the picture below.

  • To remove the aligner, start from the inner side of the back molar teeth, either Left or Right and slowly push out the aligner.

The process of removing it might take more pressure but be careful not to exert too much force or your aligners might crack.

How To Clean Invisible Braces

  • Rinse the aligner with water after removal.
  • Please clean your aligners using a soft brush/toothbrush under normal tap water on a daily basis.
  • Always use room temperature water to clean aligners
  • DO NOT eat or drink with your aligners on.(Except for plain water)
  • DO NOT use chewing gum/smoke/drink hot water with your aligners on.

Once took them off, don’t just place them aside, as this may risk losing your invisible braces and germs. Therefore, always clean them after removing them and store them back safely in our given clear braces case!

Final Recaps: How To Wear & Remove Invisible Braces by AlignerWiseComfort

Our team had prepared a video on how to wear and remove invisible braces that you could refer to anytime. Ideally, you should brush your teeth and rinse your mouth before wearing your AlignerWiseComfort clear braces back on.

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