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Can Clear Aligner Fix Overbite Issue? A full guide by aligner wisecomfort

Can Clear Aligner Fix Overbite Issue?

One of the most asked questions by patients or customers regarding clear aligners is – “Can clear aligners fix overbite issues?” Today we will dive into this burning question topic to let you understand if invisible braces like Invisible aligner or Wise Comfort could be your solution to overbite issues!

But first, let’s talk about,

What exactly is an overbite?

When the upper front teeth extend noticeably beyond the lower front teeth in a vertical-plane overlap, this dental condition is known as an overbite. Clear aligner therapy is effective in the vast majority of cases for correcting this issue.

It is vital to have an overbite since the upper teeth need to overlap the lower teeth, but the overbite shouldn’t be any wider than two to three millimeters.

The term “overbite” should not be confused with “overjet.” When there is an abnormally large amount of horizontal space between the upper front teeth and the lower front teeth, this condition is known as an overjet.

Many patients who have overbites ranging from moderate to severe also have an overjet. Orthodontics is able to address both of these conditions at the same time.

Other symptoms of an overbite include the following:


  • Unease experienced while consuming food
  • Jaw pain
  • Impediments to one’s speech
  • Having trouble completely opening or shutting one’s mouth
  • Overbiting can occur at any age, including in young children, adolescents, and even adults.

Some of the following are examples of reasons of overbites:

  • Nail biting
  • When things are being chewed on (e.g., ice or pens)
  • Bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • sucking one’s thumb
  • Pushing the tongue forwards
  • A breath through the mouth
  • Overcrowding of the teeth
  • Jaws that are disproportionately formed as a result of genetics (also known as skeletal overbites)

There are a number of treatments available, one of which is clear aligners, which can be used to correct overbites.

Continue reading to find out more about whether or not the treatment involving clear aligners is suitable for you.

Overbite Correction for Various Age Groups

When a person is an adolescent, it is much simpler to correct an overbite. As we become older, it’s possible that whatever misalignments we have will become more evident and more difficult to correct. The degree of your overbite will also have an impact on the treatment approach and the amount of time it will take.

Patients who are 12 years old or younger have their growth taken into account while attempting to treat an overbite. For the purpose of correctly guiding your child’s developing jaw and teeth structure, we make use of specialised technology that is powered with AI & combining our experiences from our specialists.

When treating elderly patients for repairing overbite issues, we prefer to use elastics in conjunction with the aligners. These elastics are very much like the ones that are used with orthodontic braces. In order to treat an overbite, the dentist will gradually shift the bottom teeth forward while simultaneously moving the top teeth backward.



Should I Get Braces If I Have an Overbite?

In dental parlance, the majority of people have overbites, but they are only slight, measuring between 2 and 4 millimeters. Orthodontic treatment is required for overbites measuring 4 to 6 millimeters or more.

The primary motivation for correcting an overbite is for aesthetic reasons. Your looks will suffer, and you may experience feelings of insecurity as a result of an overbite. People who have overbites often dread having their photograph taken and try to avoid smiling in photos where they show their teeth.

Overbites can also cause dental complications. If the teeth aren’t properly aligned, they could rub up against the improper portions of the mouth. This can result in enamel that is worn down, enamel that has been eroded, injury to the gums, and tooth rot.

Other associated dangers include the following:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Pain in the jaw, which may indicate a problem with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) (TMD)
  • Headaches
  • While chewing and talking, there is a clicking and cracking sound.



Can Invisible Braces Fix Overbite?

In a nutshell, the answer is yes.

Our clear aligner from Aligner WiseComfort is truly a device or you could say treatments that can help correct overbites and crossbites that are mild to moderate in severity.

Because every grin is unique, the extent to which it is successful will vary from one person to the next. Aligner can be quite helpful in the majority of cases when it comes to straightening your smile.


Great! The overbite is corrected in what way exactly, though?

Combining our orthodontic appliance like clear aligners & technology, we offered to people of all ages, including children and teenagers. These are tailored for each individual patient. Because we precisely contour them with a laser cutter to match your teeth, they are an excellent choice for patients of any age, including young children and senior citizens.

The precise amount of time needed to see a difference can vary from one individual to the next, but it often takes at least six months.

Transparent braces has been proven to be highly effective in the treatment of orthodontic difficulties, and it can even finish the job more quickly than traditional metal braces. Age and patient compliance are two aspects that can have an effect on the final result.


Additional Traditional Treatments Available for Overbites

We will need to apply pressure to your teeth over a period of time in order to adjust the alignment of your teeth and attain the desired appearance.

In the past, there were not many treatment options available to repair an overbite. In the past, correcting the alignment of one’s teeth typically required the use of metal braces, the extraction of teeth, or surgery.

Braces made of metal or wire are the most popular type worn by patients. However, these present a number of difficulties, including discomfort or pain, difficulty cleaning, dietary limitations, and inflammation.

In addition, wearing braces is visually unpleasant and can make children and teenagers feel self-conscious about their appearance.

Our Aligner WiseComfort is a more recent method compare to Invisible aligner that can be used to repair an overbite. It is a straightforward procedure consisting of aligners made of plastic that are worn over the teeth and gently move them into the correct position.

In comparison to braces, these are easier to use, take less time, are less noticeable, and cause less discomfort. The transparent trays are so unremarkable that they are almost always undetectable to the naked eye. Comparing with other braces on the market, Aligner WiseComfort is far less stressful on the jaw and gums and is better for the soft muscles in your mouth.



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When you use clear braces like our Aligner WiseComfort’s aligner to straighten your teeth, you get a lot of benefits. You can straighten your teeth quickly and easily while brushing them, eating, and drinking as usual. You’ll feel better about your teeth and smile as you slowly straighten them without people noticing you are using an appliance because it is almost invisible…!!

It is clear that benefits of invisible braces could help you to achieve your perfect smile with all the 9 advantages provided over traditional metal braces.

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FAQ for Can Clear Aligner Fix Overbite

Short Answer - Yes! Clear aligners (like Invisalign or Aligner Wise comfort's clear aligners) can be used to correct overbites or deep bites. The idea is the same to apply enough pressure to move your teeth into a more proper position.
It really depends. In general, the average treatment using an aligner would be around 6 months to 24 months depending on the patient.
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